Top Enagic Distributor – Daniel Dimacale – Demonstrates the Enagic LevelUK SD501

In the video below, top Enagic Distributor, Daniel Dimacale shows how the Enagic SD501 Water Ionizer can bring you health, beauty, a clean house and a unique business opportunity.

If there is one video you must watch, it is this one!



Our Israel based team are ready to explain how this amazing Kangen Water can bring wellness into your home as well as the prosperity you can achieve by becoming an Independent Enagic Distributor

Kangen Water In Israel

Our Kangenwell team has now expanded into Israel with business leader , Gidon Jacob.

So if you want to experience Kangen Water® just contact Gidon and he will help you with a FREE trial or provide further information for you.

Our Kangenwell team are always looking for new team members to help us spread the word of this wonderful healthy water.

Please check out the information across this site, and if you are outside Israel, don’t worry we  have experienced Independent Enagic® Distributors across the world, waiting to help you enjoy the Kangen Water® experience.


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Alkaline Water In Your Kitchen – Just Like Lourdes

Here are a few facts for you on the development of Alkaline water, or Kangen Water®for your home kitchen via Enagic Ionisers.

In 1950, research was conducted in unique locations around the world. For thousands of years these places have maintained legendary status as a natural source for ‘Miracle or Wonder Water’

Lourdes in France, Nordenau in Germany, Tlacote in Mexico, Delhi in India are four places this ‘Miracle Water’ was found. One thing they had in common was, Active Hydrogen… which today is commonly known as Alkaline Water. All of these waters were:

1.Anti-oxidant (active Hydrogen)
2.Very Alkaline

So Enagic was established in 1974 manufacturing top quality water Ionisers to hospitals in Japan and then from 1994 provided over 450,0oo domestic machines in Japan, where 1 in 5

•Established in 1974 in Japan (machines for hospitals)
•1994 – Domestic Kangen Water machine. Sold +450,000.
•2003 – Soft launch USA
•2005 – Office in Hong Kong and Taiwan
•2007 – Office in Vancouver, Canada
•2008 – European office in Dusseldorf, Germany
•2009 – Mexico
•2010 – Sydney, Australia and Italy
2012 – Singapore , Malaysia, France


Alkaline Water and Uric Acid

After consuming Alkaline Water for a month, the amount of urea and uric acid in the blood will show a marked improvement but will not disappear completely.However, if you continue to drink alkaline ionic water for a period of 6 to 12 months, the urea and uric acid should be grossly reduced. Persistent drinking of alkaline ionic water should eliminate the toxic effect of the urea and uric acid from the body.( Source : Prof. Kuwata Keijiroo, Doctor of Medicine )


Alkaline Water and Diabetes

A recent study on Diabetes patients who followed the alkaline ionized water therapy showed that they had stable blood sugar level while the other group which continuously had insulin shots never attained stable level of blood sugar. Their blood sugar levels have been rising and falling: a condition which is fatal to diabetic patients.

Alkalization and Cancer

Dr. Otto Heinrich Warburg, 1931 Nobel Prize Winner, said:

All forms of cancer have two basic conditions: acidosis and hypoxia (lack of oxygen). Cancerous tissues are acidic, whereas healthy tissues are alkaline. Deprive a cell 35% of its oxygen for 48 hours and it may become cancerous.

Alkaline Water & Skin Conditions

  • Childhood and adult skin conditions and allergies respond well with ionized water.
  • Skin conditions that can be treated: Eczema, Dermatitis, Skin Rashes, Psoriasis, Athletes Foot, Acne, etc.
  • Some cases can take several months but no side effects.
  • Skin condition may not re-occur so long as a healthy diet with plenty alkaline water is consumed.

Ionized Water pH 2.5 – Eczema

Ionized Water pH 2.5 is used in many Japanese hospitals for treatment of varieties of skin conditions, e.g. Eczema. Patients are advised to drink Kangen Water daily and use acidic water to bathe the affected areas. After 2 weeks, the vesicles dried up. The Eczema was completely cleared out without any relapse.

(Source: Prof. Tamura Tatsuji, Keifuku Rehabilitation Center)

What if a key to help unlock Autism is just a sip away ?

“ Kangen Water® has been providing autistic children with a strong source of antioxidants and improved hydration. In our brain programs we observed that our therapeutic expectations have been significantly exceeded by adding Kangen Water to the treatment plan “ – Dr Corinne Allen, international researcher and practitioner in natural health and nutrition for over 30 years, is an expert on how to affect brain, learning, and behavior problems without drugs ( dyslexia, ADD, Autism, Asperger’s, learning disabilities, academic and behavioral issues and brain injuries )

Makes Sense To Check Kangen Water® Out


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