We independent Enagic® Distributors and are among the top producers Worldwide with teams in Israel,Singapore, Malaysia,Philippines,Brazil,Germany,United Kingdom and the United States Of America.

We are looking for business partners in Israel who wish to develop profitable business centres from their own homes.

Enagic® provide an amazing product and business plan which you can view below:

Enagic® Compensation Plan Demonstration

We combine expert offline marketing strategies and support from very, very experienced marketers with Internet and Blogging marketing strategies!

All of our members receive the very best online support available to get FREE organic traffic to their Website/Blog whilst also having Master Marketer Raymond Sun as their offline mentor.

Our team are world leading Enagic Producers

Contact me immediately if you need any further information on how we can help you build a significant income from your kitchen table or if you just want to have the wellness Kangen water offers!


Geva Binyamin

Gidon Jacob

Enagic Dist ID: 1064636

SKYPE: gid5125

Email: jacob.gidon@gmail.com

Website: http://kangenisrael.com

Telephone: 972-50-8789615


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